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About Athalye Group

Athalye Group was founded in 1984, by Mr. Kamalakar V. Athalye, One of the most recognized experts in the field of Heat Insulation and Acoustics in India, ARK has satisfactorily serviced hundreds of customers in India and overseas and have carried out projects which included even export to countries like Australia, Canada and some middle eastern countries through our clients, while ensuring the best quality products to our clients for an excellent performance anywhere across the globe.

Athalye Group currently consists of 3 companies :


1) ARK thermal Insulation Engineering & Trd. Co. Est. 1984


2) ARK Noise Control engineering Centre. Est. 2000


3) ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services. Est. 2012

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  All the projects related to Acoustics & Vibrations were being carried out by our sister company, ARK Thermal Insulation Engineering and Trading Company till the year 2000. But because of gaining awareness of Acoustics in India, and ever increasing demand for Expertise, consultancy and manufacturing, ARK Noise Control Engineering Center was formed in the year 2000.
  ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services, was formed in the year 2012, by Mr. Chintan K. Athalye (Proprietor) , after being approved by “Quality Council of India” as “Functional Area Expert”, Category A, to be empaneled with EIA Consulting firms as per the regulations of “NABET”. (National Accreditation Board of Education and Training). ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services offers India’s leading technical expertise in the field of Industrial Noise Control, Auditorium Acoustics, Restaurant and Discotheque Acosutics, and Noise and vibrations aspect of Environmental Impact Assessment.


The Management

In the year 2010, Mr. Chintan K. Athalye, Mr. K. V. Athalye’s son, completed his Master’s Degree in Acoustics & Vibrations, from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, under the able guidance of Dr. Sean F. Wu, who is one of the biggest names in the field of Acoustics in the world. In December 2010, Mr. Chintan K. Athalye got approved by “Quality Council of India”, “National Accreditation Board of Education and Training” according to the requirements of “Ministry of Environment and Forest, Gov. of India” to be impaneled as one of the recognized “Functional Area Expert” in “Noise & Vibrations” for one of the Environmental Consulting Firms.


Our Products & Services

We have pride for our wide range of products, which can be applied with economy and with ability to meet the acoustical need of our customers, and the referral and repeat business that stems from it. We supply many custom and tailor-made products to the acoustic market and pattern the application of these products to any of sound proofing project based on our board of experience.

You should look at ARK as the only supplier, which caters to a cost conscious audience less interested in expensive-upfront, on site acoustical analysis, and more interested in cost effective results. Our customers trust our advice and request products that can be easily installable. To eliminate a large portion of time and costs typically associated with acoustical treatment, our products line is board – based, and yields many options for you.

We can assist you in application of these materials, specific to your custom project. If you feel overwhelmed by the products choices and are unsure what to do, we will help you define your problem, quote the right material, offer advice and installation tips and answer you any question you may have. From this point, you are only days away from a more comfortable sound environment. If you trust our guidance, your noise problems will soon be under control.

We are the Masters in Noise Control Engineering and deal in Acoustic Insulation in its totality. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Business Focus

ARK Thermal Insulation Engineering & Trading Co, where manufacturing of Ovens, Furnaces, Heat Insulation, Removable Heat Insulation Blankets is done is located at S181, M.I.D.C., Bhosari, Pune. ARK Noise Control Engineering Center, is equipped with its own manufacturing facility, Located at Plot No. 223, Sector-7 PCNTDA, Bhosari, Pune, Where manufacturing of Acoustical Enclosures, Acoustical Panels, Absorptive Silencers, Removable Acoustical Blankets is carried out.

In 2007, ARK developed and manufactured its revolutionary design for Honeycomb Type Anechoic Chambers. Conventionally, Anechoic chambers are manufactured using foam wedges, of length approximately 1100~1200 mm for the cutoff frequency of 100 Hz, and foam wedges are installed on all sides of the anechoic chamber including the floor and the ceiling which means that there will be a huge loss of space of thickness 1200 mm from all sides. Our revolutionary design of anechoic chamber and honeycomb type panel does the anechoic treatment of a room in a thickness of just 300 mm. i.e. saving of more than 75% in space. ARK’s revolutionary anechoic chamber was tested according to ISO 3745 which is the standard for testing of Hemi and fully anechoic chambers, and Inverse square law was proved inside our anechoic chamber and 6 dB of drop for every doubling distance was achieved to prove the existence of Free field condition. This is “one of its kind” Anechoic Chamber in the entire world.

In 2011, At  ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, we established our new manufacturing facility for manufacturing of acoustical enclosures, absorptive silencers, engine acoustical test cells, room acoustical treatments, and noise barries. This facility is equipped with our own CNC Bending and Shearing machines, CNC Notching Machine, CO2 Welding machines imported directly from Germany for achieving the best possible welding quality for all of our products. In 2012, ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre, got accreditation as a ISO 9001:2008 Certified company under the accreditaiton of TGA (European Accreditation), as well as NABCB (Indian Accreditation).

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