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We are one of the most recognized experts in the field of Acoustics/Noise Control & Heat Transfer in India. Since, our establishment in 1984, ARK has successfully handled thousands of projects in Industrial Noise Control problems, by designing of Test cells for engines, compressors, pumps and manufacturing Acoustical enclosures for many compressors, pumps, turbines, engines etc.

“ARK Noise Control Engineering Center” and “ARK Thermal Insulation Engineering & Trd. Co.” is your one-stop solution for any of your Heat Loss or Noise Control problems.


Mr. K. V. Athalye

A) 30+ years of experience in the field of Heat Transfer problem solutions and Industrial Noise Control problem solutions.

B) Inventor of following of our own developed technologies:

1) Multi-barrier Multi-Reflective Heat Insulation Technology

2) Multi-barrier Multi-Absorptive Noise control Technology

3) HeatLAG®, Our easily removable and installable heat insulation blankets.

4) NoiseLAG®, Our easily removable and installable Acoustic blankets providing transmission loss of up to 6~8 dB, just using the acoustic blankets.

C) Vast experience in oven, furnace design and manufacturing. Designed the heat insulation treatment for a baking oven for 450 ℃ Inside Temperature and 50 ℃ outside Temperature in just 35 mm (3.5 Cm) of insulation thickness which itself is a great achievement.

D) Vast experience in Auditorium and discotheque acoustical treatment design.

Mr. Chintan K. Athalye

A) Qualifications:
1) B.E. (Mechanical) from University of Pune with First class
2) Master’s Degree (M.S.) with specialization in Acoustics & Vibrations, from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan with GPA 3.72.

B) Completed Master’s Degree under the guidance of Dr. Sean F. Wu, who is one of the biggest names in the field of Acoustics and also is one of the biggest inventors in Acoustics.

C) “Quality Council of India” and “National Accreditation Board of Education & Training” (NABET) approved “Functional Area Expert”  in “Noise & Vibrations”, Category A, according to the requirements of “Ministry of Environment & Forest”, for one of the major environmental consulting firms.

D) Successfully developed “Honeycomb type Anechoic Chamber”, and successfully conducted testing according to ISO 3745, the standard for testing of Hemi and fully Anechoic Chambers, and successfully proved the existence of Free Field Condition for Cutoff frequency of 100 Hz, with Acoustical absorption treatment of just 300 mm.

E) One of the very few recognized experts with a master’s degree in Acoustics & Vibrations in India.

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