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ARK Thermal Insulation - India has a perfect blend of Experienced & Qualified experts in the field of Thermal Engineering. We use state-of-the-art software, along with our proprietary computer programs & algorithms to solve Thermal Engineering problems.

Presently, we provide consultancy services in following areas:

I. Steam Tracing Design for Pumps, Equipment & Pipeline

II. Design of Thermal Insulation Specifications for entire system in Power / Process / Industrial Plants


Heat tracing is used to prevent heat loss from process fluids being transported in process fluid pipes or equipment, when there is risk of damage to piping, or interference with operation such as fouling or blockage, caused by congealing of fluid, increase in viscosity, or separation of components in the fluid below certain temperatures.

It is also beneficial, when there is risk of formation of corrosive substances or water due to condensation in corrosive services. This prevention of heat loss is accomplished by employing electrical tracing, or steam tracing, and insulating both the process fluid pipe and the tracer together, using appropriate insulation lagging, in an attempt to minimize heat loss from the pipe and tracer to their surroundings.

Our expertise lies in providing the complete design consultancy for Steam Tracing.


| Pump
| Process Equipment

| Pipeline



Heat loss through any system, equipment, pipeline especially in Power Plants, Process Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, etc. is an expense to the user, since additional fuel has to be burned in order to compensate for the lost heat. The energy lost to the atmosphere through heat transfer cannot be recovered easily and hence, adds inefficiency to the system. The purpose of providing thermal insulation to the system, equipment or pipeline is to minimize the heat loss, improve efficiency and ultimately, save on operating costs. This factor is known as ‘heat conservation’.

Another important factor to be considered during set up of any plant is the safety of personnel working in the plant. When there is a possibility of any human working in the vicinity of any hot surface above 60 deg. C, thermal insulation should be provided for ‘personnel protection’, so that chances of injury / burn by touching hot surface is avoided or minimized.

Both of these factors are considered while designing the thermal insulation specifications related to this project.

ARK offers consultancy for deciding optimum specifications (Type, Material, Thickness) for Thermal Insulation, as per project requirements.


| Power Plants
| Oil & Gas Refineries
| Process Plants

| Cement Plants
| Industrial Plants

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